Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Whirlwind of Moving

If you could only see our apartment right now.  Anyone who’s lived in the city long enough knows what we are going through.  It’s the week prior to the move.  That means you want to pack up and get things ready for the move, but you can’t pack everything because you still need to have a life for the week.  So 95% of our clothing is packed up and the other 5% is in gym bags and hanging up.  To make matters worse, we are putting most of our stuff in storage but taking the necessary things for a 3-month temporary housing situation.  Needless to say, it is chaos in our place.

I just got an email from the Army Chaplain Accessioning Officer.  I was so excited to see it, only to find out that the basic message of the email was “sorry, but wait longer.”  Apparently the Army is transitioning to a digital system and the group I was accessioned with is the first group to go through the process.  That means we are the tests animals for this new program.  So it seems we won’t find out any more details for a few weeks. 

So for now… we continue to pack.  I’ll continue to keep everyone updated as we find out more information. 

Good news for all of you who’ve had a run in with Rex, our Terror…I mean Terrier.  He is reporting for Doggie boot camp tomorrow.  3 weeks of training.  We will see if the dog trainer can perform miracles.  Our fingers are crossed. 

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