Sunday, January 30, 2011

What "things" have I gotten done?

So, a few months ago I wrote a post about what I was going to accomplish during this deployment. Not so much things that I have to accomplish, but just a few that I would like to do, to be more creative with my time. I think I've done a good job of keeping myself busy so far, sometimes a little too busy! This is my past list and I've commented on what I've done so far and my plans for the rest. I also added some things I did that were a bonus to the list at the end:

Things accomplished:

-P90x (twice): I finished round one (great program, lost 25 lbs and got in pretty good shape). In week 2 of round 2 now. Still enjoying it.
- Visit Chicago: actually, i've gone 3x on my own... too many times driving back and forth if you ask me.
- Visit NY: went in December and had a BLAST!
- Take pictures: if you follow me on facebook, you can see I take pictures now... probably more than you would ever want to see.
- Get a massage: it was great.
- Make baby food: Madison does great with all the food I make her, but she is spoiled and doesn't really like the store bought baby food. Good thing she is moving on to table food quickly!
- Make a video of Madison: I take a few video's, and then send the memory stick to Chris. It has worked pretty well!
- Learn a song to sing Madison: we actually sing lots of songs! She really likes music, as I think most babies do!
- Get professional photo's of Madison: I did this at 4 months, and have another photographer booked for over R&R. It's nice to have good lookin photos. You can see one of the pics from the first professional shoot above, isn't she cute!

Still to do:

-sew madison clothes: maybe I'll do some summer dresses!
- sew myself clothes: maybe I'll make myself some new summer dresses, it is too strange if we match fabrics/
- Run a 1/2 marathon: I did commit to one in April today with Heather, so we'll see if that happens!
- Visit the zoo: not sure when this will happen
- Go line dancing with friends: I've talked about it, does that count! On the plus side, I do have a good babysitter now, so this is more likely to happen than before.
- Kayak with my own kayak: probably won't happen in KY, but maybe in Chicago when it gets warm and my parents live in their new house.
- Finish Madison's baby book: ooops, hopefully I won't be one of "those moms". I would like my daughter to have a baby book!
- Put photo's in a photo album: I printed all the photo's, does that count? They might get in the album soon!
- Take golf lessons: I REALLY want to do this in the spring, and have a feeling I will. Any suggestions for a good instructor?

Add to the accomplished list:

- Went to Disney for 8 days and came back in one piece! I had a fabulous time with my brother and his family. Shout out to Linda and Michael Hommer (MJ's parents) for treating me so well and taking care of me! It was a great experience I will always remember.
- Paid off the Mini Cooper, and the Explorer should be paid off in March (less than a year)! Yeah for no car payments! We hope to never buy a car using credit again... only CASH!
- Managed a cash budget for 8 months. I had NOTHING to do with the budget before this, so it is a HUGE deal. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE. Couldn't be happier about our financial decisions and cash flow planning. Love Dave Ramsey... and if you don't know who he is, you should find out!

Add to the want to accomplish list:
- Read a book/learn more about adoption. We're getting close to that time in our lives!
- Regularly train my dog: he gets left out too much ( as his head is on my lap right now while I type)
- actually post to my blog more than every few months. I have a lot of thoughts that go through this head, they should be written down somewhere!

Ok, that all for now. It's getting late and I'm supposed to be tired.

- Christina