Monday, October 3, 2016

Life Goes On

4 years later......

In addition to our biological daughter Madison (now 6), we've adopted two kids (Justin 15 & Racheal 9) who are biological brother and sister.  We added one more biological daughter as well (Jordan 1).  We went from a family of 3 to a family of 6 in a matter of just a few months.  It was the hardest year of our lives but after a whole lot of hard work, some sleepless nights, and lots of support from family and friends, our lives have seem to have come back to an equilibrium.  Being a family of 6 feels normal, just more expensive.

For anyone out there that has helped us, supported us, prayed for us, or played any part in the expansion of our family, I want to extend a very heart felt Thank You!

I (Chris) really enjoy writing and learning to process life through my writing.  I think when we are open, vulnerable, and thoughtful about our experiences people can learn from each other.  It helps me to hear that other people have gone through similar experiences.  I hope to share some of our experiences (the good, bad and ugly) to help me process them and for the benefit or edification of anyone who might want to read them.

It won't all be family stuff. It might be some theology, politics, social issues or some other random thoughts that I have on a regular basis (just ask Christina some of the random things I make her listen to). I'm excited to write again and I hope you enjoy!