Saturday, November 26, 2011

Organizing Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Blogs.... Let's get it all straight!

I've seen the power of social media and how it can be used to communicate to so many people and keep people connected. So I am revamping and stepping up my commitment to social media outlets. So here's the lowdown on what I'm doing.

First and foremost, Twitter. I will be updating my twitter account every day and probably multiple times daily. @chaplain_4
The purpose of my twitter account is to reach out to my soldiers primarily. I will update it with all the latest happenings from the unit and some daily devotional and inspirational thoughts. I am the spiritual leader of this unit and this is one way I can impact and guide a large group of people. It will also include updates about Chapel Next and chapel ministry at Fort Campbell.

Second, this blog will be updated weekly. It will include a mixture of everything I like: family, religion, politics, Army stuff, international affairs, culture, finances, sports and anything else I feel like. It is my personal blog and does not represent the views of the Army!

Next, I'm launching an official facebook page for my unit as their Chaplain. The page name 801st BSB "Maintaineer" Unit Ministry Team. This will be only for soldiers in my Battalion and I will update it with all the events and offerings taking place in my unit.

Of course there's still my personal facebook page as well. If your a "friend" you can always hit me up there too.

That's a whole lot of talk about tweets, updates, and pages. I'm sure it was really boring but if you want to keep up with what's happening in my world and how God is working here, feel free to tune in.

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving with loved ones.
God Bless,

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