Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things to do during the Deployment List

We're back to blogging again. Why? Because Chris will be leaving us shortly and this is a great way for us to communicate with each other and our friends and family. Also, I will be living with only a 3 month old. I know, I can talk to her and she'll learn language and it's good for her... but I want a way too keep track of my life during the next year. I've tried the normal journal thing, and I'm not good at it. Luckily, I have met some great friends at Fort Campbell, so It's not as if I have no one to talk to and hang out with for a year. I have plenty of people, which is a HUGE blessing.

So, with looking our first deployment in the face, it's starting to get sad around here. Everyone keeps calling to say "good bye", which is nice of the to think of us, but it makes it harder and harder each time. To get out of my sab thinking I am starting my list of stuff to do during this deployment. Here is my list so far and will be adding to it. I'll also hopefully update when i actually get this stuff done:

Sew Madison clothes
Make myself a new dress
P90X... twice (maybe more to get down to my goal weight)
Run a 1/2 marathon
Visit the Zoo
Visit Chicago
Visit New York
Take pictures
Go line dancing with friends
Get a massage (with my birthday gift certificate from March!)
Kayak with my own Kayak (still in Chicago)
Make baby food (thanks kylee for the idea)
Finish Madison's baby book
Put photos in a photo album
Take golf lessons (chris wants me to learn too)
Make a video of Madison
Learn a song to sing Madison
Get professional photos of Madison

Any more ideas?

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