Tuesday, July 14, 2009

School Is In Full Swing

Well the Chaplain School is well underway. Most of the people here have been here for 6 weeks already (which I completed in 2006). That means their patterns and issues have been worked out. As returning students we are expected to just fit right in, but a lot has changed in the army in the past 3 years and much has changed here at the Chaplain School.
I've got lots of administrative issues to get taken care of with no time on the training schedule to do so. What that means is, most days I won't eat lunch because I'll be trying to get various tasks done on my lunch hour.
But other than my normal issues (which many of you know well), I am doing fairly well. My body is trying to adjust to the higher stress level. I really only get 4-5 hours of sleep a night and let's just say that's not what I'm used to. I am still trying to get comfortable being back in uniform.
I'm really looking forward to the first weekend (and its only Tuesday). I'll get to sleep in and get caught up on homework, laundry and have some fun.
I miss Christina like crazy. Its not easy coming back to an empty hotel room when we have rarely spent a single night apart in the past 3 years. The added stress makes me see just how much Christina's presence in my life does for me. We got to talk on the phone for a while tonight but nothing takes the place of her hugs. Thankfully, I'll see her in just a few weeks when she comes out to visit.
I hope everyone out there is doing well! Hopefully, I'll be able to post a few pictures soon.

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